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Reaching the isolated

Your partnership is transforming many lives.

Take a look at the video and make note of the face you see at 0:44. This is Joya.

At just 4, she was caught in a hut fire. Her chest and neck were badly burnt and with no help available, she did not heal well.

The skin on her neck constricted and became so tight that her head was completely immobilised. Her lips couldn’t close either. She couldn’t sleep. Smiling was impossible.

For 6 years she was like this; until just days before this photo was taken. MAF delivered surgeons to the “Friendship Floating Hospital” where hundreds, including Joya, received desperately needed medical treatment. Her mother said to us, “Joya can now move her head. She sleeps much better. She is very happy!”

The photo directly after hers (at 0:46) is the amphibious aircraft in Bangladesh – the one responsible for flying the surgeons to the hospital. Right now we are trying to raise money for a second one. There is simply too much work to be done with one.

Help fund the propeller

Because a new amphibious aircraft is likely to cost around $3 million USD, the MAF world is globally coming together to raise money for its many parts.

Would help us fund the propeller? We need $80,000 to help make it a reality.

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