Famine declared in South Sudan

War, drought and a collapsed economy has left 50% of South Sudan’s population facing severe food shortages, with many parents unable to feed their children. This is a country that is hurting and in desperate need of help and transformation.

South Sudan needs urgent, life-saving action. Particularly in the remote and isolated areas.

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the effects of famine in South Sudan

Frequently Asked Questions

For 70 years MAF has flown over rivers, jungles, swamps and mountains to bring medical assistance, community development, Christian Hope and this kind of disaster relief. Today it is a network of 1400 aviation professionals operating 140 aircraft in over 30 countries.

MAF flew help to the tsunami disaster in Indonesia in 2004, Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh in 2007, the Haiti earthquake in 2010, the Horn of Africa famine in 2011 and the Nepal earthquake in 2015.

Find out more about MAF here: www.maf.org.au
Your money will support the flying being performed day in and day out in South Sudan. In 2016, we flew 559 flights, delivering 4,000 passengers and 182,000kgs of medicine, food and other life-saving cargo.

We are hoping to raise $90,000 through this appeal to help contribute to the much needed flights for 2017. This will help fund our flights for over 130 organisations, including Oxfam, World Vision, AIM International, Tearfund, Medair, Christian Mission Aid, Water Harvest International and Save the Children – to name just a few.

We are uniquely placed to help the remote areas through this famine. We have an established presence here, and are now in a position to reach the most isolated with food, medicine and other forms of relief. But this can only be done with support from people like you.
Because of the many geographical challenges facing the people of South Sudan, MAF has served the remote communities here since 1950. We were forced to leave in 1964 when civil war broke out but resumed in 1977 for a further 6 years. Since 1983, flying into South Sudan has continued from Kenya and Uganda, and we now have a programme in the capital Juba.

After several decades of civil war, South Sudan became the world’s newest nation on 9 July 2011, when more than 3.8 million South Sudanese voted to separate from the north in an historic referendum.

More than two million people died in two civil wars that preceded independence. Today, South Sudan is once again in turmoil.

Continuing border disputes with neighbouring Sudan and internal struggles within the government have resulted once again in conflict and upheaval for war-weary citizens.

The unfolding humanitarian crisis has left 4.6 million people facing severe food insecurity, unable to plant or harvest crops.
Yes, and yes. MAF is a registered charity through the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Your donation is tax deductible through the MAF Aid fund 49498842455.

Meet Rashid

Rashid is two and a half years old.

When he reached the Medair clinic in Renk, he weighed just 5.4kg, less than what an average six-month-old baby weighs.

His spine was visible through his shirt, his feet looked immense under his stick-thin legs, and his body shivered with fever. Severe diarrhoea was dehydrating his body. Rashid was very close to dying.

He was given antibiotics and nutrition treatment and just five days on he had put on weight and was smiling once again.

This is a clinic that depends on MAF and MAF supporters to help supply with food and medicine.

Rashid 5 days after arriving at the clinic.

In the current state of emergency, more than 250,000 children under five are currently acutely malnourished.
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